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Located in Devon's famous "shooting triangle" between North Molton, South Molton and Molland, Mornacott enjoys some of the finest valleys and mixed scenery that North Devon and Exmoor has to offer.

From the top of Clover Down, one of Mornacott's original drives, one can look north to see the stunning scenery of Exmoor and South towards Dartmoor National Park.

Mornacott offers shooting over some 1,400 acres with over 23 drives catering for all levels of experience and most shooting tastes from the stunning high birds of the Miscombe and Oakham drives, to the quintessential Devon partridges offered at Langham, leisurely acquired pheasants at the Lake to the quick snap shooting required in Westerwood and on the Helm's Deep drives.

Our award winning Shootroom and comfortable shoot lodges can complement your shooting experience providing the ideal backdrop to a day (or days!) of sporting enjoyment.

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