Friday 11th April 2014

Exmoor Keepers' Challenge

Today saw the dawning of the annual Exmoor Keepers' Challenge. Each year all of the keepers on Exmoor are invited to the event to see who will emerge victorious.

This year it was held on an estate just outside Dulverton. Typically the challenge consists of four events, each designed to test the mettle of the participants, a rile shoot, a clay pigeon shoot and a quiz with the fourth event usually a surprise and at the discretion of the host shoot. This year's surprise event was trying to 'shoot-down' a remote controlled Aeroplane. The Mornacott team joined up with the head keeper and under keeper from Portledge Estate to undertake the challenge.

This union proved very fortuitous with our combined forces proving their worth and being crowned the overall victors after the final event.. The team are now all looking forward to next year's event which will be held at Portledge.  

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